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Ladies and gents, this is Hugo Tronche. Hugo won the “King of Self Defense” tournament last year in the “professor” category. He’s a Pencak Silat teacher and he’s an absolute beast.

I don’t typically like choreographed demonstrations (which I assume this is), but look at how Tronche moves. Whether it’s empty handed, with a baton or even with a knife, he moves fast and shockingly accurate.
Remember, this is self defense. It’s not meant to look tidy. He goes for the vitals and puts his opponent down in seconds. He doesn’t stick to punches. His attacks are a combination of kicks, punches, downs and locks. It’s a flurry and enough to fuck up any potential attacker.

It’s gritty, rough and real. If you can disarm someone, punch them in the face, kick their groin and then put them in a choke, all within a few seconds, they’re done for.
I’m not saying we can all be this good but it certainly emphasizes the importance of martial arts when it comes to defending oneself.


Katar Dagger

  • Dated: mid-17th century
  • Culture: Indian
  • Measurements: overall length 36 cm

Of characteristic form, the hilt of the dagger has chiseled grips terminating in acanthus leaves showing traces of silver. The base features curvilinear profiling, while the finely-forged blade comes with sinuous edge treatment. The blade also has a bright polished with armor-piercing tip and actively-patterned silver-gray Damascus steel visible in the triangular central panel and flanking pairs of triple fullers on either side.

Source: Copyright © 2014 Auction Flex


Serbian Nozh Dagger

  • Dated: first half of the 19th century
  • Measurements: overall length 32.5 cm

With fine, intricately filigreed silver hilt of cylindrical form, the dagger is set with multiple corals on each surface. It has a straight, single-edged blade with profiling and fuller along the spine, with long clipped tip struck with stars and crescents. In its embossed in its silver scabbard with bead finial

Source: Copyright © 2014 iCollector

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